28 February 2024


The regional Olympiad in chemistry for students of 8-9 grades was held at the University. The large-scale competition began with spectacular experiments by students of the Chemistry Department. Young guests of the university were pleased with a fire show and vocal performance.

Then 70 chemistry lovers started the test tasks.

The main evaluation criteria were correct solution of chemical problems, as well as the presence of reasonable conclusions.

In the second round the participants had to recognize substances on the basis of qualitative reactions. The evaluation criteria of the practical stage – correct solution of experimental problems, competent design of the table and the presence of a conclusion.

According to the results of the commission 24 pupils of schools of the region became the owners of diplomas of I, II and III degree in Kazakh and Russian language groups. Among them are Zhumagazyeva Ainur, Zhanimkhan Ayala, Baimurzin Erzat, Dauletkhan Erasyl, Dauletkhan Ardana, Aidynova Erkezhan, Zheniskhanova Aizere, Adilbek Nurbakyt, Bekmukan Aknur, Raimbekova Sabina, Kakenova Aynaz, Kenesbek Asylim, Kydirmollauly Nurmuhammed, Kayyrgazin Kurmet, Dalelkhan Nurahmad, Marat Nurmuhammed, Bekbolatov Daniyar, Makilenova Daria, Sinenok Vitalina, Sergazy Karina, Kremin Varvara, Kaliev Sanzhar, Anuarbekova Malika and Bekbolatov Yernazar.