6 June 2024

The “Young Teacher” and “ENJOY CAMP” Summer Professional Training Camp is being organised at HIGH SCHOOL.

Summer career guidance camp “YOUNG PEDAGOG” and “ENJOY CAMP” is running at the Higher College of VKU named after S. Amanzholov from 3 to 7 June.
EKU S. Amanzholov College from 3 to 7 June.

The aim of the programme: to organise recreation and
recreation and health improvement of schoolchildren in the summer of 2024, to create conditions for their personal growth, formation of patriotic feelings.
growth, formation of patriotic feelings, development of creative abilities and leadership qualities of children.
leadership qualities of children, as well as to provide professional assistance in choosing a profession.

organised within the framework of the summer camp are held every day from 10:00 to 13:00
on the territory of East Kazakhstan S. Amanzholov University,
sports ground, college yard.

In the programme
summer camp programme: “Welcome, young teacher!”, “Welcome, “Enjoy camp!
Welcome, “Enjoy camp!”, sports games “Indoor
games”, “Asyk Party”, “Who is stronger?”, intellectual games.
“Polyglot”, “Golden Treasure”, “Tolagai”, “Open Mic”, “Star Moment”,
“Kinesiological exercises”, “Fun screen”, “Empathy map”, “Everything is in your hands”.
“Umbrella Method”, “Summer Garden” creative master class,
“Journey to the World of Informatics” –
intellectual game, screening of a film in a foreign language “To The Forest of
Firefly lights” and Turkish Speaking. Also
There were also meetings with persons promoting the Korean language, an “Information Quest”, a business game “The Chest of National Values”, and a “Korean Language” game.
Information Quest”, business game “National Values Chest”, QUIZ games “Young Educator” and outdoor games “Idealise yourself”.

arriving children are very motivated to participate in these camp activities. Children
young and middle preschool children together with fairy-tale characters played musical games and did various exercises.
musical games and did various exercises under cheerful music. Together with
animators they repeated their movements, different animal sounds, together with the
characters sang, danced and had fun.

Children are our
future… Every day spent in the camp is a day of good mood and positivity, discovery of new knowledge and development of creative potential of all children.
positive attitude, discovery of new knowledge and development of creative potential of all children.
The future of a sovereign country is the education of the young generation. We are working with
college staff to raise an educated healthy citizen, – says Leyla Asylkhan.
says Leyla Asylkhan.

We wish all
children have a good rest, gain strength and get bright impressions in the summer camp!