18 June 2024

DANA BALA” CNIIO work experience presented to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Alima Alipova, Head of the Centre for Continuous and Inclusive Education “DANA BALA”, made a report at the dialogue platform “Problems of staffing and quality education for children with special educational needs”. The topic of the speech was “New approaches in training of personnel of special pedagogy”.

It should be noted that the event was attended by the Director of the Department of Inclusive and Special Education of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Laura Butabaeva, representatives of the scientific and pedagogical community, special and inclusive education organisations, non-governmental organisations and the parent community.

At the end of the meeting the results of the dialogue platform were summed up. Thus, the need to raise awareness of the ongoing research, methodological work in the field of training and psychological and pedagogical support for persons with special educational needs was established. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation between stakeholders for the development of education and correctional-pedagogical support on the principles of practice-orientation. As well as the development of practical recommendations for improving the quality of education from the professional community.