24 June 2024


The results of the Independent Rating of the demand for universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2024, conducted by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR, IAAR) have been published. In this rating, the first place was taken by two educational programmes, the second place – 16 EPs and the third place – 26 OPs of the university. https://iaar.agency/rating/1/0/2024

Bachelor’s degree

2nd place:

6B01403 Initial Military Training.
6B01502 Physics
6B01509 Physics-Informatics
6B01506 Geography
6B01510 Geography-History
6B01901 Defectology
6B01903 Early Support Pedagogy (IP)
6B01904 Ergopedagogy (IP)


3 place:

6B01201 Pre-school Education and Training
6B01405 Recreational Physical Education
6B01401 Physical Education and Sport
6B01406 Physical Education and Primary Military Training
6B01503 Mathematics
6B01508 Mathematics-Physics
6B01511 Mathematics-Informatics
6B01505 Biology
6B01512 Biology – Natural Science
6B01601 History
6B03104 Political Science
6B05303 Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy 6B05303 Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy
6B05305 Applied Physics, Nanomaterials and Innovatics 6B05305 Applied Physics, Nanomaterials and Innovatics
6B08301 Forest Resources, Hunting and Beekeeping


Master’s programme

1 place:

7M01401 Physical Education and Sport
7M11201 Life Safety and Environmental Protection


2nd place:

7M01301 Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education
7M01501 Informatics
7M01513 STEM Education
7M01505 Biology
7M01701 Kazakh Language and Literature
7M05202 Ecology


3 place:

7M05302 Chemistry
7M05401 Mathematics
7M01506 Geography
7M01702 Russian language and literature
7M01901 Defectology
7M05101 Biology


Doctoral studies

2 place:

8D01502 Physics
8D01506 Geography


3rd place:

8D01701 Kazakh Language and Literature
8D02201 Philosophy
8D02202 History
8D05302 Chemistry
8D05301 Physics
8D05401 Mathematics

It should be noted that according to the general rating of the teaching staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan 25th position out of 50 was taken by Professor of EKU S. Amanzholov Bauyrzhan Rakhadilov.