25 June 2024


Every year on the eve of Media Workers Day the university administration congratulates journalists of city, regional and national publications on their professional holiday. This year the rector of Amanzholov University Mukhtar Tolegen thanked 15 masters of the pen for active information support.

Among them are Arseniy Dyusenov, Julia Chernyavskaya, Vyacheslav Vetlugin, Zauresh Bitimbaeva, Galina Vologodskaya, Merey Kainar, Olga Sizova, Olzhas Kereykhan, Elmira Akhmetova, Anel Esenberdina, Talgatzhan Mukhamadiev, Adilkhan Bolatkhanuly, Viktor Skripnichenko, Daniyar Zainelov and Kuanysh Maulkhanov.

In his speech, Mukhtar Tolegen noted that the representatives of the “fourth estate” are distinguished by their ability to present information in a versatile, creative and objective manner.

At the end of the meeting the culprits were presented with letters of thanks and certificates worth 50,000 tenge.

Recall that the Day of Media Workers in Kazakhstan is celebrated on 28 June since 2011.