28 June 2024


In S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University held a planned meeting of the Academic Council. Amanzholov held a scheduled meeting of the Academic Council. The participants discussed eight topical issues. In particular, curricula for 2024-2025 academic year, reports of the Attestation Commission on educational programmes, forms of examinations, assessment of teacher’s knowledge, career guidance work, employment of graduates, publications of monographs of teaching staff, as well as topics of doctoral dissertations.

The meeting continued with solemn awarding of employees of the university for their contribution to the development of education and science of Kazakhstan on behalf of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of RK Sayasat Nurbek and the head of the Department of Education of East Kazakhstan region Inessa Chernysheva. Among the awardees – the head of CNIO “Dana Bala” Alima Alipova, associate professor of the Department of Psychology and Correctional Pedagogy Yulia Kukina, Senor Lecturer of the Department of Chemistry San Orazova.

At the end of the meeting Rector Mukhtar Tolegen congratulated the journalist of the regional newspaper “Didar” Aizhanat Iksanova on the professional holiday, thanking for the long-standing cooperation. The media representative was presented with a letter of thanks and a certificate for 100,000 tenge.