10 July 2024


The long-awaited series of events dedicated to the graduation ceremony has started. By good tradition, numerous graduates of Amanzholov University will be congratulated on an important stage in their lives at the Ertis Concert venue. On the first day, the cherished diplomas were given to masters and graduates of the Higher College.
In 2024, the alma mater will graduate 750 graduates of 12 educational programs, as well as 236 graduates of the Higher College. Of these, 54 young people are holders of diplomas with honors.

-For training of specialists in our college all conditions corresponding to the license requirements of conducting educational activity have been created. Our graduates are prize-winners and participants of republican and international scientific and practical conferences, various contests and Olympiads. Personally, I am very proud of what worthy, promising guys choose us, – said the director of the Higher College Bibigul Tolegenova.

The event for graduates began with a dynamic ethno-dance and continued with vocal performances performed by talented musicians. Rector of Amanzholov University Mukhtar Tolegen made a congratulatory speech. According to him, this event is a long-awaited completion of the maturation process.

-By getting an education, by becoming erudite people, you have already made Kazakhstan better than it was before you came here. You have already added your contribution to the education and sciences of our country, becoming their weighty part. So do not stop at what you have achieved, find and conquer new heights,” the first head said.

Mukhtar Adilbekovich presented the best masters of profile and scientific and pedagogical directions with letters of thanks for active participation in scientific and public life of the university. Among them
Bekarys Sergaliev, Adela Baibusinova, Emil Ali, Ersaiyn Aryngazinov, Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Adina Shayakhmetova, Dinara Isaeva, Kuandyk Kurmanbekuly, Dana Dzhumadilova, Ayym Kenzhebaeva, Ayauly Eltaeva, Akbota Kazezova, Zhanargul Oralkan, Nazerke Ayaganova, Amanbol Toleukhan, Meruert Myrzabieva, Balzhan Misinova, Elmira Akhmetova, Togzhan Oralbekova, Nurbol Berdimuratov, Didar Zharkyn, Guldana Kazbekova, Nazerke Amangeldy, Bibigul Daukenova, Aikyn Nurasylov, Balnur Erkasymova, Zhansaya Mergenova and Mariyam Zhenisbek.

The Golden Book of Alumni was also enriched by the graduates of the Higher College. In particular, Sophia Rudenko, Aizada Ertaeva, Asem Zhaksybay, Aishagul Yeleubaeva, Aisha Kalymbet, Malika Kadylzhanova, Daniyal Bakytbekov, Roman Velichko, Evgeny Kulikov, Erasyl Orazkhan, Karina Pluzhnikova, Egor Puchkin, Alexei Tokmin and Arystan Toleshev.

-I am very glad that both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees were earned at Amanzholov University. Congratulations to all graduates and masters of 2024! May our diplomas become a starting point for a successful career,” said Master Balzhan Misinova.

-The time flew by very quickly. Today I am a qualified specialist! During these couple of years the university has given me the best knowledge and memories of my youth. Thank you very much to our rector and teachers for such a celebration,” says graduate Daniyal Bakytbekov.

It should be noted that more than 3,000 graduates are graduating this year. Of these, 219 people receive a diploma with honors. The University issues Diplomas of its own sample as a confirmation of the high quality of training of professional staff of Kazakhstan.