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2017 год
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Adikanova, S.Malgazhdarov, Y.A.Madiyarov, M.N.Temirbekov, N.M. Probabilistic statistical modeling of air pollution from vehicles The aim of the work is to create a probabilistic-statistical mathematical model for the distribution of emissions from vehicles. In this article, it is proposed to use the probabilistic and statistical approach for modeling the distribution of harmful impurities in the atmosphere from vehicles using the example of the Ust-Kamenogorsk city. Using a simplified methodology of stochastic modeling, it is possible to construct effective numerical computational algorithms that significantly reduce the amount of computation without losing their accuracy   Посмотреть
Zhaglovskaya, A.A.Chlachula, J.Thevs, N.Myrzagaliyeva, A.B.Aidossova, S.S. Natural regeneration potential of the black saxaul shrubforests in semi-deserts of Central Asia-The Ili River Delta Area, SE Kazakhstan Two saxaul species-black saxaul (Haloxylon aphyllum Minkw.) and white saxaul (Haloxylon persicum Bunge)-constitute the principal arboreal cover of the cold continental deserts of Central Asia. While the latter is a rain-fed shrub distributed on sand dunes, the former is a ground-water phreatophyte mainly found on alluvial terraces. Saxaul has played an important role as a fodder plant also used as firewood by local herders. Due to over-grazing and over-exploitation for fuel during the past fifty years, the oncedominant saxaul vegetation has considerably degraded. Important growth characteristics at the present plantations (such as height, and basal trunk and crown diameters) show a direct quantitative relationship between the plants’ age up to the 25-year lifetime and the total tree biomass reduced by natural degradation. Annual productivity largely depends on the overall vegetation density that reflects specific environmental conditions at particular locations. The recommended harvest rate, balancing the calculated natural regeneration capacity, should not exceed 0.82 t/ha at the density of up to 900 shrubs/ha, 1.78 t/ha at the density of 900-1500 shrubs/ha and 2.63 t/ha at the density of 1500-2000 shrubs/ha. The results from the field monitoring sites provide new insights on the natural reproductive potential of black saxaul shrub-forests in undisturbed versus anthropogenically affected and exploited semidesert and parkland settings of Central Asia.     Посмотреть    
Fedorchuk, Y.M.Zamyatin, N.V.Smirnov, G.V.Rusina, O.N.Sadenova, M.A. Prediction of the properties anhydrite construction mixtures based on neural network approach   The article considered the question of applying the backstop modeling mechanism from the components of anhydride mixtures in the process of managing the technological processes of receiving construction products which based on fluoranhydrite. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.   Посмотреть      
Baiburin, Y.Zhantassova, Z.Nugumanova, A.Syzdykpayeva, A.Bessmertny, I. The case study approach to learning Text Mining In this paper we discuss the case study approach to learning Text Mining techniques. We propose a novel framework that supports case-based learning and implements the SMART-goal setting methodology.       Посмотреть
Kurbanbekov, S.Skakov, M.Baklanov, V.Karakozov, B. Changes in mechanical properties and structure of electrolytic plasma treated X 12 CrNi 18 10 Ti stainless steel The paper addresses findings regarding the influence of electrolytic plasma treatment on the mechanical properties as well as structural and phase states of X 12 CrNi 18 10 Ti steel. Electrolytic plasma treatment is based on carburizing of stainless steel heated in electrolytes. Treatment of steel samples has been performed as follows: The samples were heated up to a temperature between 850 and 950 °C and then they were cured for 7 minutes in an electrolyte of an aqueous solution containing 10 % glycerol (C3H8O3) and 15 % sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). It is found that, after plasma electrolytic treatment, the surface of X 12 CrNi 18 10 Ti steel had a modified structure and high hardness. Increasing wear resistance of X 12 CrNi 18 10 Ti steel has been observed after carburizing and the coefficient of friction has been reduced. X-ray analysis showed that retained austenite γ-Fe is a main phase, and there are some diffraction lines of orthorhombic Fe3C phase as well as Fe3O4 cubic phase. It has been determined, that, after plasma electrolytic treatment, a carbide phase in the modified surface layer, irrespective of the location in the steel structure has the chemical composition Fe3C. High concentration of carbon atoms in a solid solution based on γ- and α-iron, a large dislocation density, presence of particles of carbide phase and retained austenite layers have been found.   Посмотреть    
Bazarnova, N.G.Tikhomirova, L.I.Sinitsyna, A.A.Afanasenkova, I.V. Comparative analysis of the chemical composition of plant raw material iris sibirica L. Species of the genus Iris in the scientific literature, recognized as rich sources of secondary metabolites. However, in chemical terms, Iris sibirica L. is poorly understood. The purpose of this study is a comparative analysis of the chemical composition of plant material of Iris sibirica L. to optimize the timing of collection in the conditions of Altai region. The object used samples of leaves and rhizomes and roots of I. sibirica varieties Cambridge and Sterkh variety, harvested in the vicinity of the city of Novoaltaisk. As a result of these tests the ash content from I. sibirica spring collection 1,3 times more than in autumn. The method of emission spectrometry revealed the presence of 26 elements. Of them macro — 4, microelements and ultramicroelements 8-14. Regardless of the variety of plant organs as observed the accumulation of Al. In a raw spring collection piling up Ba and Zn, and in the fall of Sr and Mn. In the studied samples I. sibirica cultivars Siberian crane Cambridge and the concentration of Cu, Pb, Cd, Cr and As exceeded the permissible level for dietary Supplements and tea on plant-based With the aim of obtaining flavonoids plant I. sibirica better harvest in the spring, and for optimal coumarins is the autumn collection. Tannins more is accumulated in the rhizomes with roots, and triterpenoid glycosides in the grass. The yield of essential oil from I. sibirica depends on weather conditions of vegetation period, time of procurement of raw materials and on plants and can be increased by 2-3 times. The study of element distribution and synthesized biologically active substances in the process of development of I. sibirica cultivars Siberian crane and Cambridge during the vegetation period has allowed to identify the vegetative phase with maximum accumulation, and organs of plants, accumulation of these biologically active substances.   Посмотреть    
Alpysov A., Kireyeva A., Kadkalova T., Dautova Z., Popova M., Zhubandykova A. On the development of mathematical competencies of students in the construction and solution of complex inequalities In the article, the problem of the development of mathematical competencies of students in constructing and solving complex inequalities is studied. Based on the analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature, the conditions for the development of mathematical competencies of students in the construction and solution of complex inequalities are revealed. The methodical instruments contributing to the development of mathematical competencies of students in the construction and solution of complex inequalities are analyzed. The functions of constructing and solving complex inequalities in the development of mathematical competencies of students are discovered. Mathematical methods have been developed, which provide a level-by-level understanding of the educational material through enrichment of theconceptual, reflective and emotionally-evaluative experience of students. The methodology for developing the mathematical competencies of students in the construction and solution of complex inequalities is recommended when developing the training programs at a higher education institution Посмотреть  
Golovchun A., Rakhmanov N., Abdikalyk K., Kartayeva A., Valikhanov S., Bakirova Z. The contribution of world literature’s rhymes to Foreign language acquisition Children are more motivated and stimulated in the foreign language classroom when authentic materials (rhymes, songs, realia) are used. Authentic materials increase the children’s level of involvement and concentration. Exposing students to such language forms will enable them to cope with genuine interaction, whether it is inside or outside the classroom. There is an important reason is that rhymes make up a powerful means of teaching English at primary ages. With help of rhymes the lexical aspect of communication is formed. Rhymes make it possible for students to learn appropriate set of words, which later might be constructed into simple sentences. Rhymes are useful to enlarge the vocabulary background of children, to develop pupils’ listening and speaking skills. Also they show many aspects of the culture of each society as they occur in all phases of our life, from birth to death. Since they play an important role in the process of learning and using our mother tongue, they are also quite important in the learning of foreign language, and especially for young learners. Along this article, we aim to describe the importance of using rhymes in the teaching of English as a foreign language at a primary level Посмотреть  
Golovchun, Aleftina; Abdikalyk, Kunimzhan; Rakhmanova, Nurzhanat; Kartayeva, Aizhan; Kaliyev, Aybek; Zulkarnayeva, Zhamila Dualistic representations in Kazakh fairy tales The fairy tales of Kazakh people with various structures and formats show universal properties of the dualism, which as any significant phenomenon, demonstrates the ability to construct the perception of the world. The perception is identified by universal properties of language used in Kazakh literature, by intention to keep communicative suitability and functional variability. Dualism is characterized by emergence of the new meanings, by their reversal to life, to inner world of the personality in the representation of existing spiritual and intellectual life of human beings. Dualism in Kazakh literature introduces profound and constructive schema, which is functionally active and semantically loaded. There are various types of schemas in Kazakh fairy tales. The analysis of such schemata represents a problem of this research as they actualize the attention and stimulate reader’s interest. © Serials Publications.     Посмотреть  
Nugumanova A., Baiburin Y., Mansurova M., Alimzhanov Y. An investigation of the educational curriculum with use of formal concept analysis An educational curriculum is a path of learning that students should follow in their study. It consists of learning modules aimed at mastering skills and developing the necessary competencies within the qualification framework. Each module is logically completed and contains a set of related disciplines which responsible for certain group of competencies. Modularity is an attractive approach to organization of study since it provides variability and flexibility of a learning path. However, modularity significantly complicates the process of curriculum planning and developing. The goal of this work is to propose an efficient tool for planning and analysis of educational curricula, based on the mathematical apparatus of the lattice theory. We use formal lattices as a method of studying the consistency and coherence of an educational curriculum. The advantages of this method are clear algorithmization, restrictions on the inclusion of new entities and concepts, automated construction of the hierarchy of relations, analysis of collisions Посмотреть  
Korotkova E., Kveglis L., Akhmedzhanov B., Vershinin I. Investigation of structure and magnetic properties of 36NiCrTiAl alloy and 12Cr18Ni10Ti steel welded joints The comparative experimental study of the effect of various types of heat treatment on the formation of the structure and magnetic properties of welded joints 36NHTYU and 12Cr18Ni10Ti alloys was conducted. It is shown that heat treatment 36NiCrTiAl and 12Cr18Ni10Ti welded joints changes the structural and magnetic properties   Посмотреть    
Aimukhambet Z.A., Abdilmanatkyzy A., Baitanasova K., Seiputanova A., Kurmambayeva K. The poetic interpretation of binary opposition in the structure of Myth The article deals with the poetic nature of binary opposition in the mythology of literature. The structural method played an important role in revealing the nature of binary opposition in the structure of myth. The introduction of the article includes the theoretical significance of this method and the fact that the oppositional character of mythical worldview was the basis of dialectical development. The mythological motives and personages characterize the development of life, forming an opposition pair. The examples on the fact that oppositional pairs of mythical motives and characters constitute binary-dyadic integrity by complementing each other are represented. The controversial double forms of the dyad in mythical knowledge towards the paired phenomena and concepts is analyzed with mythical narration and concluded on the basis of scientists-mythologists’ conclusions. The nature of phenomena and concepts between the dyad Chaos-Space and the opposition life-death are regarded in literary aspect and in the framework of the cultural-historical analysis. The idea about the important role of the mythical «»binary-dyadic»» structure in presenting the conflictive nature of a man in the world and national literature has been formulated. Interpretation of mythological thinking in poetics is given through motive, struggle and artistic images. Interpretation of binary opposition in poetic knowledge in the structure of myth is analyzed with references to some literary works. Посмотреть      
Assylkhanova G., Bayandin M., Dautova Z., Tantybaeva B., Shaikhova B., Baidalinova B. Measuring the living wage in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Theoretical and methodological aspects During the current period of formation of a new economic system, measuring the poverty line and living wage is being given added relevance in the Republic Kazakhstan. The national living wage is used to assess annually the standard of living and determine the poverty line  establish specific strands of social policy and measures aimed at social support for the population set a rationale for establishing the minimum size of wages, pensions, benefit allowances, and other social disbursements. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the way to measure the living wage in the Republic of Kazakhstan and through comparison with international practices develop practical recommendations on reducing poverty in this country. The major outcomes of the authors’ research study are a set of inferences and practical recommendations on reducing poverty in the Republic of Kazakhstan — in particular, proposals on expanding the size of the living wage, reforming wages, and working out a targeted state program for concessional lending to the economically disadvantaged to help them start their own business Посмотреть    
Suleimen E.M., Myrzagalieva A.B., Ibataev Z.A., Iskakova Z.B., Samarkhanov T.N., Medeubaeva B.Z. Constituent composition and biological activity of essential oil from dracocephalum peregrinum  —   Посмотреть