14 February 2024

Training Seminar: “Bilim Alushylardyң oқu jetistigin bagalau”

Training seminar: “Bilim Alushylardiң oқu jestistigin bagalau”

Department for organization of educational and methodical work informs about the training seminar “Bilim alushylardyң oku zhetistigin bagalau”.

Date and time: February 16, 2024 at 14.00 h.

Venue: 1st educational building (30th Guards Division, 34), auditorium number 119.

Target audience: All interested faculty of the university.

Moderator: S. Tashkenbaeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics and Technology.

Speaker: Kamzina Ardak Nurakhmetovna, senior teacher of the Department of Teaching Methods of preschool and primary education of the branch of JSC “NCPK Өrleu” Institute of Professional Development in East Kazakhstan region.