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Words: T. Mazbayev
Song: K. Zakiryanov
Әлемдiк көрiнетiн санат саптан
Бiлiмнiң биiгiнде тағат тапқан
Шығыстың ақ ордасы,
Бiлiмнiң ақыл кенi,
Көк туы төбесiнде қанат қаққан

Сәулеттi елдiң мақтаны ғып,
Дәулеттi елдiң ақ таңы ғып,
Қанаттанған түлегiне,
Тәуелсiз ел артқан үмiт

Қуат күшiн бәрiнен асырды iлiм,
Жастар иер ордаға басын бүгiн
Ұрпақтың ақ тiлегiн,
Үмiтiн, арман-ойын
Арқалап бара жатыр ғасыр жүгiн.

Ты – колыбель,
Ты – источник знаний, ума.
Университет мой –
надежда и гордость моя,
Прочные знания твои,
Чистые мысли твои,
Множат славу твою выпускники

Над тобой свет Родины, стяг,
С нами истина в первых рядах,
Пусть лучится ауры свет
Над тобой, университет.

Mission of the University

Ensuring a leading role in the international scientific and educational space for the formation of competitive specialists for the innovative development of Kazakhstan. The realization of this mission is to train competent, socially responsible and competitive specialists who possess modern technologies, skills of scientific, pedagogical and research activities that meet the world requirements of the labor market. In addition, the implementation of the mission provides for the formation of a unified cultural, educational, intellectual and innovative space of the University, ensuring the quality of continuing education in accordance with global trends and principles of the Bologna process, active international cooperation and ensuring academic mobility of students and University staff. Vision: The University in the innovative development of Kazakhstan positions itself as a research and educational center, included in the ranking of the best universities in the country and the world.

Strategic development goal:

Creating conditions for the preparation of competitive personnel that meet the needs of the industrial-innovative development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the demands of the external market through the integration of science, education, and business.

Key tasks:

1. Modernization of the content and organization of the educational process through the development of innovative educational programs involving specialists at the Kazakhstan and global levels. Implementation of an independent assessment system for the results of mastering the educational program, taking into account the requirements of professional standards, including WorldSkills standards.
2. Updating educational content by incorporating online courses into educational programs, expanding the use of distance learning technologies, orienting core educational programs towards the development of digital competencies; modernization of education through the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) and practice-oriented educational technologies.
3. Improvement of the research process based on involving students in fundamental and applied research, stimulating innovative activities of the faculty through the creation of research and educational clusters actively involved in the commercialization process.
4. Development and implementation of talent management in personnel policy, dissemination of the best foreign and Kazakhstani anti-corruption practices.
5. Formation of a new organizational structure for the University and increasing its efficiency through the development of corporate governance and autonomy principles.
6. Creation of a modern digital ecosystem and IT infrastructure, updating the material and technical base of the university campus.

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