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Kabanbai batyr Military Department

The history of the Kabanbai Batyr Military Department

Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University is a higher education institution with a 70-year history and a deservedly high reputation as a leader in the field of training highly professional personnel in the east of the country. For such a prestigious university, the opening of a modern military department was another important step in development.

 The history of the military department of the Sarsen Amanzholov Military University began on May 11, 2019, when the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major General Nurlan Bayuzakovich Ermekbayev, was issued. This was preceded by a lot of preparatory work to create a material and technical base and invite teachers who are real professionals in their field.

Thanks to the strategic vision, understanding of the relevance of military training of students and the perseverance of the rector of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University, Professor Tolegen Mukhtar Adilbekovich, the joint efforts of the entire team, for the first time in the history of our glorious university, the dream of many students was realized – a real opportunity to receive an officer rank while studying at the university.

The grand opening of the military department took place on May 28, 2019. It went down in the history of our university as a significant event demonstrating the university’s readiness to participate in ensuring national security, satisfying the request of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan in training high-class officers and contributing to the military-patriotic education of young people.

By the decision of the Academic Council of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University No. 12 dated May 30, 2019 and by the order of the rector Tolegen Mukhtar Adilbekovich No. 261 dated July 10, 2019, the military department was named after Kabanbai Batyr, a glorious warrior, commander, one of the organizers of the liberation struggle of the Kazakh people in the fight against the Zhungarian conquerors. Kabanbai batyr took part in 103 battles for the liberation of his native land from enemies and was not defeated in any of them – this is a worthy example for modern youth.

In honor of the great warrior, there is a museum at the military department, which plays an important role in the moral education of young people in the spirit of patriotism.

Kerentsev Alexander Nikolaevich

Head of the Military Department

Dear students, parents!

Acceptance of documents for admission to the military department begins from January 15 to May 15, 2024

For training under the reserve officer training program, documents are accepted from first-year students (with 3.4 years of training) and second-year students (with 5 years of training).

The training is grant-based and paid.

The term of study is 2 (two) years.

For training under the reserve sergeants training program, documents are accepted from students of the first, second year (with 4 years of training), first, second, third year (with 5 years of training).

Tuition is paid.

The term of study is 1 (one) year.

The list of documents for participation in the competitive selection:

  1. Application;
  2. Identity card (original and copy);
  3. Certificate of registration or military ID (original and copy);
  4. 4 3x4 photos;
  5. Certificate of no criminal record;
  6. A document (if any) confirming a sporting achievement;
  7. A certificate of the actual training of a student of the OHPE, signed by the dean of the faculty.
  8. A paper folder and two transparent files for filing a personal file.

Teaching staff and staff

Kemelbaev Kanat Mukhametualievich

Deputy Head of the Military Department

Sansyzbaev Bektas Sansyzbayuly

Head of the cycle

Seilkhanov Farhat Sharapievich

Senior Lecturer

Samkenov Akylbek Nurdybekovich

Senior Lecturer

Esperdinov Dauren Bolatovich

Senior Lecturer

Nugumanov Rishat Dauletkanovich

Senior Lecturer

Zhanasyl Mamyrbekovich

Senior Lecturer

Zharasbayeva Nurgul Kazybekovna


Tokpaeva Gulnar Saparbekovna


Dyrynbayev Talgat Kadylbekovich