Providing psychological support to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation, as well as those who want to get to know their strengths better, respectfully accept their characteristics and begin to perceive weaknesses as the beginning of personal development.

Psychologist: Kenzhebayeva Aiym Ryskeldikyzy

Contact by phone: 8-775-828-00-40

    Unfortunately, we can’t always share with other people what worries us, because we don’t want to make our loved ones worry or are embarrassed to ask for help.
  A psychologist’s consultation is, first of all, an opportunity to talk about what a person cares about. The psychologist will always be on his side. In no case does he criticize or condemn, he tries to understand and feel everything that a person is going through. A psychologist knows that the most important thing in life is a person’s physical and psychological health.
  A psychologist does not give advice, because he knows that every person becomes a psychologically adult when he learns to make decisions on his own and take responsibility for his life.

Everything the client tells the psychologist is confidential and anonymous.

Consultations in a remote format are conducted by appointment. To do this, send a message to WhatsApp 8-775-828-00-40 indicating your name and group.
In offline format, come to the address: 30th Guards Division str., 34, 1st building, office 222.