START UP – academy

At the university NJSC  «Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University» valid Start Up Academy, whose goal is to develop entrepreneurial skills and provide assistance in creating startup projects. At the Academy, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff and other university employees can take the initiative and become participants in the “ Start” competition Up Amanzholov University “, using his business idea.

Here, every student, regardless of specialty or course, will find opportunities for self-realization, finding like-minded people, and launching new projects. As part of ongoing training events (seminars, trainings, master classes, etc.), students will improve professional skills that help solve life problems and work with other people.


To date, StartUp Academy has presented student initiative projects such as:

• Start UP project “UAU” – eco-national products in a modern interpretation;

• Start UP project “Sweet bouquet” – a bouquet collected from healthy natural products;

• Start UP project “Corrective products for inclusive education”;

• Start UP project “Recycling of waste paper”;

• Start UP project “Production of natural eco-soap”;

• Start UP project Development of driver profiling services based on “ Connected” technologies Car “;

• Start UP project Intelligent system for planning and optimizing a bicycle rental network.

Implemented project Toleukhankyzy Aizhan “UAU” eco-national products in a modern interpretation, the goal of this startup is to sew and sell national products, as well as teach the art of patchwork. Among Aizhan’s works there are pillows with different traditional meanings and modern products decorated in ethnic style.

Project by Indira Mukhamedzhanova and Adilgazina Alemgul “Sweet bouquet”. The goal of the startup project is to create environmental values, create bouquets and flower boxes using Kraft packaging. With an innovative recipe, it is produced in vegetarian and classic form. Indira and Alemgul presented flower bouquets and boxes made of natural marshmallows.

Beginning project “Making natural eco soap” by Zhandos Rashiduly , a promising and environmentally friendly direction of care products for chemistry students. Elements such as Cu and Zn present in black soap enhance the antibacterial properties of the soap and are safe for the skin as they are made from natural ingredients. In the near future, the possibility of providing the university with soap for hygiene is being considered.