Student life in AU

"Committee on Youth Affairs"of EKU named after Sarsen Amanzholov

The committee on Youth Affairs has been established in all universities since 2008.Currently, our University organizes various events for the effective use of youth leisure.

Serikbay Dinmukhamed Bagdatovich

Head of the Youth Affairs Committee

Zharkynbek Akmaral

Deputy Committee on Youth Affairs

Student organizations

the student debate club “DILMAR”

Direct tasks of the student debate club “DILMAR”:

Disclosure of leadership and public speaking skills of young people,

in the future,be able to present yourself competitively,openly express your thoughts, confidently behave in front of the public.

What is self-aggrandizement:

  1. to be remembered before the public
  2. new communication
  3. image formation
  4. rationally prove your ideas
  5. self-adaptation of any new information
  6. ability to think critically and critically about every issue
  7. the ability to voice your own advantages

the student theater “SHABYT”

Direct tasks of the student theater “SHABYT” :

  1. staging 2-3 performances during the academic year
  2. training students in art and acting skills
  3. exchange of experience with professional actors
  4. performance at events in City and regional museums
  5. contribute to the effective leisure of students

the volunteer student organization “MEYIRIM”

Direct tasks of the volunteer student organization “MEYIRIM”:

  1. involvement of students in voluntary charitable assistance activities;
  2. promote the ideas of voluntary labor for the benefit of society
  3. development of moral qualities;
  4. Prevention of bad habits, drug addiction;
  5. actively participate and contribute to public events;
  6. Organization of charity concerts and theatrical performances for the elderly and children’s homes;
  7. assistance and assistance to those who are in a difficult situation;
  8. assistance in organizing large concerts, festivals of various types;

Direct tasks of the student organization of the NGO “Youth Spirit”:

  1. instilling in young people a sense of Kazakhstan’s patriotism
  2. formation of a responsible civic position, respect for the state symbols of the Republic, cultural heritage, language and traditions of the Kazakh people;
  3. participation in activities to protect the political, economic, social and other rights of young people;
  4. assistance in the formation of youth culture, improving the educational, intellectual and professional level of young people.

Direct tasks of the student organization “Alash”:

  1. opening new pages of history;
  2. reading, recognizing, studying history;
  3. analysis of historical and interesting facts; – recognition of persons who are in the shadow of the historical stage;
  4. participation in scientific conferences;
  5. writing a scientific article, scientific report

Direct tasks of the student organization “nature of AMANZHOLOV”:

  1. conducting special seminars, interviews and meetings.
  2. establishing strong ties with City and regional eco organizations.
  3. participation in the work of organized volunteer activists in solving environmental problems.
  4. actively promote ideas about the benefits and potential of nature, about environmental protection among young people.

Direct tasks of the intellectual student organization “PARASAT”:

  1. Organization of interactive games, games.
  2. involvement of young people in intellectual games, formation of the environment of intellectual youth.
  3. useful pastime of students.

Direct tasks of the student organization “Herodotus”:

Creating a historical calendar: co-creating a calendar that highlights key dates and events from different periods of history.

Each participant can choose their favorite day or event and imagine its significance for history.

 Conducting excursions: organizing excursions directly, online or by other methods to get more into history.

 The study of historical cultures: the study of the cultures of different civilizations and eras, their customs, religion, art and architecture. To study how these cultural characteristics influence and reflect the history and development of society.

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