10 May 2024


According to
Advisor to the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ruslan Emelbaev, this year the threshold of the highest score in major subjects has increased – now it is increased.
the threshold of the highest score in specialized subjects has increased this year – now it is 50 instead of 45 points.
is 50 instead of 45 points.
In turn, for compulsory subjects “Mathematical literacy” and
“Reading Literacy” this threshold was reduced to 10 points.
As the advisor explained, it is the specialized subjects that determine the future specialization of applicants.
specialty of applicants.

In addition, due to the state of emergency in some regions of the country, the UNT was extended to 10 points.
regions of the country UNT was extended until July 12, 2024. In other regions
Kazakhstan terms remain unchanged.

This became known during a large-scale
career guidance event “Be to be”, organized by the
S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University .

750 graduates of schools of the city and districts of the region gathered in the central palace of culture “Ertzolov”.
the central palace of culture “Ertis Concert” to familiarize themselves with the
advantages of the university and decide on their future profession.
For this purpose EKU Higher Schools presented to the future students in an interactive format
educational programs and their peculiarities, as well as conditions of admission.

-We prepared chemical experiments for the children,
quizzes in English, author’s developments, psychological games and
metaphorical maps to identify their strengths. A lot of students come up to us
high school students coming up to us asking questions about their majors. We see how interesting it is for them here
interesting,” said representatives of the Higher Schools.

The “Be to be” event continued with the awarding ceremony
winners of subject Olympiads and intellectual game “Bizdiң Өskemen Quiz”,
children from large families and the “Ymit” orphanage with certificates for grants
university. The lucky ones were 22 people. Now the children have the right to
a free four-year education.

-Recently, I participated in the regional Olympiad in law and
took first place. Then everything was very fair and open. Today I have already
received my long-awaited grant certificate. My mom and I can’t
can’t get enough of it. I am very grateful to the university for such gifts. I’m looking forward to
to submit documents and become a part of EKU, – shared the pupil of 11 class of secondary school №22 of Ust-Kamenogorsk Aruzhan Aruzhan.
school №22 of Ust-Kamenogorsk Aruzhan Kazhiakberova.

At the end of the event EKU student activists
delighted the audience with spectacular dance and vocal performances.