29 August 2023


The alma mater opened its doors to a new stream of freshmen. The university administration has prepared a rich program, during which each incoming student will get acquainted with the structure of the university, details of education, personal rights and responsibilities.

It should be noted that the adaptation week will last until September 8.

According to the Department of Academic Policy and Management of Educational Programs, on August 30, a tour of the “Scientific Library” will be held in the academic building No. 1. Young people will be explained the rules of using the digital library, will be given the reader’s memos and the schedule of issuing educational aids.

On the Day of Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan students will have a thematic event and excursion walk around the regional center.

On September 1 there will be a lecture “Amanzholov University – a good university”, which will start at 10 am.

In the following days information and explanatory meetings are planned in order to familiarize the students with the rules of living in the Student Houses and the formation of individual study plans.

The final stage of the adaptation week will be thematic curatorial hours, which educate students in academic and moral awareness.