5 September 2023


Amanzholov University held a solemn celebration of Knowledge Day. The large-scale event was held in the best traditions of the university: creative numbers, the key of knowledge, the oath of freshman and monetary certificates. The guests of the event were honored veterans of the alma mater, faculty, students and their parents.

– Today East Kazakhstan University named after Sarsen Amanzholov opened its doors to the freshmen. This is the flagship of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For many years our university is a symbol of knowledge and innovations. The history of EKU is rich in achievements and each generation of students continues to raise the flag of the university higher and higher. I wish you success in mastering your future profession, – said Rector Mukhtar Tolegen.

The holiday for students began with the handing over of the key of knowledge and solemn oath of the first-year student Venera Begimova. The girl scored 120 points on the Unified National Test, confirming the status of the owner of the sign “Altyn Belgi”.

The guests were also pleased with the grandiose demonstration of student talents: national Mongolian dance, numerous vocal numbers and modern choreography.

-The emotions are amazing! They organized a good concert! I am very glad that I enrolled here and now I plan to be active in everything. My dream is a red diploma, – shared Asem Kazhenova, a first year student.

During the celebration Mukhtar Tolegen encouraged a number of active and successful students. Thus, Anel Aktayeva, Nazerke Karashashova, Aigerim Dauletkhanova and Rasul Amrenov were awarded scholarships named after Sarsen Amanzholov and Abay Kunanbayev. Activists of the Higher Schools were awarded with money certificates in the amount of 120,000 tenge.

Diana Bekenova, Adlet Karibai, Alla Alekhina, Gulmira Kurmanay, Aikhat Adilov, Serzhan Ayseri, Nazgul Espulatova were awarded letters of thanks for their significant contribution to the formation of the contingent of the alma mater, Darhan Daurenov, Tamirlan Kymbatov, Zhuldyz Nurzhankyzy, Nazerke Kakanova, Nazerke Nurlybay, Amina Kenzhebekova, Ayauzhan Ashimova, Nazerke Tleugabylova, Aysana Bekbolatkyzy, Bekzat Utzhanov and Zhanat Seiten.

In addition, member of the Board-Rector for Academic Affairs Nurlana Alimbekova, Head of the Department of Chemistry Zhazira Mukazhanova and Associate Professor Elena Ryakova successfully defended their doctoral dissertations and received the coveted diplomas of doctors of sciences from the hands of the first head of the university.

-Today is a very happy day for me, because at such a solemn hour I received the diploma of Doctor of Philosophy. Only with the appointment of Mukhtar Adilbekovich in 2018, we have such a unique opportunity. I thank our rector and staff for their support, – says Zhazira Mukazhanova.

It should be noted that in the new academic year more than 2,500 students entered the university. Among them are 1230 holders of the state grant, 60 holders of the badge of honor “Altyn Belgi”, more than 20 winners of international and national competitions and 70 masters of sports.