8 September 2023


Since the beginning of the academic year, students of Amanzholov University have been actively familiarizing themselves with the rich student life.
This time students met with the team of main actors and authors of the popular comedy series “Zhezdukha”. In particular, Kanat Taskhan, Mansar Orynkhan, Maksat Bobey and Yerbolat Zarkumov.
It should be noted that this year the shooting of the full-length movie “Zhezdukha” began, which is taking place in the city of Ridder. Active students of Amanzholov University will be part of the successful project. During one shooting day young men and women will play a role in several mass scenes.
– In the East we were met very cordially. We did not even expect such hospitality. We came to this university to get acquainted with talented young people. We are gladly waiting for everyone who wants to star in the cast of our new project, – say the members of the team “Million”.
Recall, the multi-part film “Zhezdukha” tells about the adventures of young guys from colorful Shymkent. Since 2020, each series has gained more than three million views.
During the meeting students asked questions about the secret of success, were interested in the guests’ opinion about the nature of East Kazakhstan, as well as familiarized with the personal life of idols.
-I am very happy that the university provides such opportunities! I adore this series and now I know the actors personally! I have no words,” said Arman Karabayev, a student of VCU.
According to student Leyla Yusupova, the event was not only fun, but also informative.