11 September 2023


Within the framework of the project “Tugan Zher – Altyn Besik” a scientific and methodological seminar “Tarbagatai – a treasure trove of history” was held in the VCU. The event was attended by scientists-historians of the university, philologists, students, honorary citizens of the district and intellectuals.

During the seminar, they discussed the current problems of historical sites. According to the senor-lecturer of the chair of history of Kazakhstan and social-humanitarian disciplines Zhanneta Kalimoldina, some historical monuments in Tarbagatai region still do not enjoy wide popularity.

– It is necessary to increase interest in the area by adapting it to modern realities. For example, it is necessary to install QR codes on the statues of heroes, dancers, poets and saints. Any tourist could learn about a historical person by means of a phone. I consider it right to include the region in the register of state monuments, – says historian Zhanneta Kalimoldina.

According to the participants, young people should return to their native land as professionals. More than 200 students from Tarbagatai are studying at the university.

– The issue of development of border areas is very topical. Educated young people are needed for the improvement of settlements. In this case, Amanzholov University plays an important role, regularly graduating highly qualified specialists, – said the chairman of Tarbagatai district maslikhat Omirkhan Kanagatov.

It should be noted that Amanzholov University closely cooperates with schools of Tarbagatai district.