12 September 2023


Asha Varghese, President of the “Caterpillar” Foundation, arrived to Amanzholov University with a business visit.

The organization helps communities to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly by training employees in science, STEM-technology, engineering and mathematics.
During the meeting the rector of the university Mukhtar Tolegen familiarized the guest of honor and the accompanying delegation with the alma mater, telling about the main achievements of Amanzholov University.
Also, the leadership of the university presented the center of continuous and inclusive education “Dana Bala”. In particular, laboratories of sensory integration, hardware psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection, speech therapy room, STEAM, chess and robotics rooms.

– The laboratories of the center give an opportunity to overcome difficulties of special children through professional neurocorrection, – Mukhtar Tolegen noted.
Asha Varghese appreciated the material and technical equipment of the center, where biofeedback therapy, electroencephalography, polygraph, graphic editor “MasterGraph”, computer speech simulators “Delpha”, “Jailau” and interactive speech therapy table are used.

Special attention of Mrs. Varghese was drawn to the verticalizer for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, designed by Nuraly Bazarov and Damir Talgatbek, students of the university.

-This verticalizer is designed to restore children in standing, lying, sitting, partially lying, partially sitting positions. Perception of vertical position of the body is very important from the medical and psychological point of view for children with disabilities, – explained the guests.

Note that the center of continuous and inclusive education “Dana Bala” is a unique and necessary facility in the region. Today in Kazakhstan there are about 160,000 children with special educational needs. More than 10% of them live in the East Kazakhstan region.

The excursion for representatives of the Caterpillar Foundation continued in the chemical laboratory, where they were familiarized with scientific projects of the university scientists. In particular, with developments of biodegradable materials on the basis of natural polymers and composite materials for effective water filtration.

As Asha Varghese, President of Caterpillar Foundation, noted that successful scientific projects of EKU scientists in the field of mechanical engineering, materials science, energy, biotechnology make a great contribution to the socio-economic development of the region and Kazakhstan.