14 September 2023


On the basis of Amanzholov University was organized the National platform “KISI GPS: Gylym. Pikir. Sayasat”. During the event the expert community discussed the development prospects of the East Kazakhstan region. Actual topics for discussion were ecology, education, employment, inclusion and human capital. The main speaker was the director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerkin Tukumov.
– East Kazakhstan region is ahead of the country in terms of urbanization. If the average level of urbanization in the country is 61.5%, then in your region 66.4%. This demographic and social trend should be taken into account when planning opportunities and risks. High level of urbanization creates opportunities. The districts of East Kazakhstan Oblast are becoming more attractive for living. This is due to better conditions of employment, social services, medicine, – said Yerkin Tukumov.
The theme of relevant professions for the region was revealed by the Director of the Department of Academic Policy and Management of Educational Programs of EKU Yerzhan Domalatov.
– We have defined five main directions-engines of development of our region. These are metallurgy, energy, agriculture, education and tourism. Within the framework of these directions it is planned to conduct more in-depth research to create an original Atlas of professions. To date, we are working with the Akimat of the region to finance the project.
While discussing the problems of the region, many experts touched upon the topic of ecology. Anatoly Chursin, a professor of the Department of Geography and Ecology at S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University, proposed the creation of ecological banks under the regional akimat, which would allocate the budget for activities that help reduce the release of toxic substances into the environment.
– We should not allocate pollution limits, but sell them to nature users. This will be a market mechanism,” the professor suggested.
At the end of the event summarized the head of the Akim’s Office of East Kazakhstan region Yerbol Nurgaliyev. According to him, working groups will work on four highlighted problems. These are ecology, growth on prices, corruption and housing.