19 September 2023


Amanzholov University teacher implements effective methods of foreign language learning borrowed from colleagues from the University of Michigan. During nine months spent in the state of Michigan at the university of the same name, foreign language teacher Elena Zhang has adopted the experience of foreign colleagues and now applies it in the university.

– American experience has shown that it is very important to develop critical thinking, elements of public speaking, the ability to ask questions, develop a variety of arguments, and make thoughtful decisions. For each stage of the lesson, different methodological techniques are used. Often they are playful, in which students actively interact with the teacher, consciously reflect on the learning process, generate new ideas, share feelings in English, – says the teacher.

Elena Evgenievna uses the Venn diagram, group discussions, reading with stops and questions, the cube and Bloom’s daisy. In addition, the classes partially use clusters, synquains, lectures, logic chains, Z-X-Y table, survey and BLOB’s Tree.

Students also learn how to convey information to an audience in a foreign language and elicit a response from the audience. However, not every student can speak coherently and logically. The teacher helps to overcome the uncertainty and fear of public speaking psychologically. The main thing in this is to pay much attention to student presentations and debates.