6 October 2023


Since 04.09.2023 new Rules of selection of applicants and scientific internships came into force, according to which the applicants who did not pass the selection under the program “Bolashak” in March of this year, have the opportunity to apply for a new set of documents. Acceptance of documents will last from September 04 to October 13, 2023. We recommend you to plan your internship period for the next year in advance.

List of required documents to receive an invitation for the “500 Scientists” project:

– Copy of passport (obligatory)

– CV with the scientific degree and current position of the applicant in English (obligatory)

– Theme and abstracts of the research work/research project in English (obligatory)

– Confirmation of the level of English language skills according to the requirements of “Bolashak” for 2023.

Collection of documents is carried out through the Acting Head of OSMS&A Nigmanova Dana (academic building № 5, 3rd floor)