9 October 2023

A game night “Bizdin QUIZ” was held at the Higher College

The Higher College hosted an exciting game evening “Bizdің QUIZ” in the format of quiz, organized especially for teachers of subject-cycle committees of the Higher College. For several hours teachers competed in knowledge, demonstrating their erudition and intellectual abilities.

The quiz game, which is a popular and exciting form of intellectual competitions, gave the teachers an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in various fields. Participants were asked questions from various subject areas, both academic and practical. The questions had different complexity, which allowed to assess the level of erudition of each teacher.

The gaming event was held in a friendly atmosphere where participants had the opportunity to socialize and expand their acquaintances. The audience also had an opportunity to participate in the quiz, answering additional questions and showing their erudition, which added additional interest to the evening.

At the end of the competition, the winners were named and rightfully received well-deserved recognition and praise. However, the most important thing is not the result, but the participation and the opportunity to share knowledge in the form of competition.

Such events held in our college, not only develop the intellectual abilities of teachers, but also contribute to the formation of a unified team spirit, where education, knowledge and communication merge into one. The organization of such events confirms the high professionalism of teachers and the positive atmosphere prevailing in our college.