10 October 2023


An information day dedicated to the Erasmus+ program was held at the alma mater. The aim was to familiarize the university staff with the opportunities and prospects of the program.

Erasmus+ is a non-profit program for exchange of students and teachers between universities of the EU member states.

The participants of the meeting were the Rector of S. Amanzholov EKU Mukhtar Tolegen, coordinator of Erasmus+ National Office in Kazakhstan Laura Paluanova, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Scientific Work of EKU Irina Rovnyakova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of D. Serikbayev EKTU Zhadyra Konurbayeva and the teaching staff of the university.

-Today’s meeting increases opportunities for strengthening business ties with foreign universities. It will allow to qualitatively develop the exchange of students and teachers under the program of academic mobility. Erasmus+ features contribute to the realization of not only scientific projects of international level, but also educational projects, – said Mukhtar Tolegen.

According to Laura Paluanova, the Erasmus+ program has three key areas. Among them are academic mobility, cooperation between universities and support for reform policies. Specifically for Central Asian HEIs, capacity building projects in higher education, international credit mobility, Jean Monnet program and Erasmus Mundus Masters component are available.

– Erasmus Mundus involves an integrated international master’s degree program. Upon successful completion, the student receives a joint diploma from two or more universities or separate diplomas from each university,” said Laura Paluanova.

The Jean Monnet program, aimed at expanding knowledge of European integration processes through teaching and research, was of particular interest to the faculty. Thus, an annual selection of competitive project proposals is carried out. The algorithm of actions for those interested includes studying the Erasmus+ program guidelines (369-403 pp.), planning a relevant/unique project idea and creating a project team. The priority themes for the competition are inclusion, environment, digital transformation and democratic life. The main evaluation criteria are relevance, quality of implementation and collaboration, and dissemination of results.

During the discussion, representatives of EKU shared key achievements. Thus, the Erasmus+ program has been implemented in the educational institution for more than five years. During this time, the university became a participant of the consortium within the framework of the project on sustainable transboundary water use: Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2019, the implementation of the “Integrated approach to STEM teacher training” began. After that, the university developed a master’s educational program “STEM-education”.

It should be noted that at the end of the meeting Mukhtar Tolegen presented memorable gifts to the guests of the university.