11 October 2023


Today, at the foot of the mountain, students went to the traditional start in honor of the Republic Day. Students of the educational program “Physical Culture and Sports” took part in the conquest of the summit. The brave athletes had to use all their resources and reach the finish top.

The length of the distance is about 1500 meters. According to tradition, our students in the high-speed ascent were judged by the national judge of the highest category Alexander Kruglikov.

– Today we held a track and field race. The winners are athletes who have completed the path in six minutes and 37 seconds. I note that this is a very good result. However, the main goal was different – the race was dedicated to the Republic Day – we decided to celebrate the holiday with an athletic race, – said Alexander Kruglikov.

– I am a track and field athlete myself. I was running normally. I have won many times and today I dedicate the victory to my coach and my university,” the winner of the race shares.

– It wasn’t easy, but the second one came running anyway. I dedicate my victory to our university, my coach and the Republic of Kazakhstan,” says Vladislav Chinykaev, a student.

Alyona Akentieva, a fourth-year student of FCIS, has been involved in athletics for 10 years and organizes races among children and youth. Today I came to test my strength and came to the finish line one of the first.

– I dedicate my victory to the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and my favorite university, – the athlete shares her emotions.

The students received a lot of bright emotions and proved once again that they are ready to overcome any peaks.