14 October 2023

Unforgettable fun: Saturday night with an interesting game and quiz in the Student House with a supervisor

Recall that the game and quiz in the House of Students No. 5 of the Higher College of S. Amanzholov EKU , was timed to the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The quiz, held especially for students, was a great opportunity to show our love and patriotism for our Motherland. It not only collected all the topics related to the history, culture and achievements of our country, but also became a platform for active exchange of knowledge and experience between students of different courses and specialties of the Higher College.

The participants of the quiz faced intriguing questions and interesting tasks that included historical events, facts and symbols of our republic. Each question stimulated their thinking activity, forcing them to delve into the details and essence of our state.

Thus, Saturday evening in the House of Students №5, timed to the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was a landmark event that united students and filled them with pride and love for their homeland. It emphasized the importance of knowing and understanding the history and culture of our country and showed that each of us plays an important role in ensuring its future prosperity.