14 November 2023


A week of SpecPed & CliPsy master classes organized by the Department of Psychology and Correctional Pedagogy started at the university. The first master class, held on the International Day of Speech Therapist, was dedicated to the students of the specialty “Defectology”. The aim was to increase the competence and knowledge of the students of EKU.

The event began with a concert program, during which future specialists were congratulated on their professional holiday. After the official part, students were given the opportunity to choose a speaker and a topic of study.

Among the mentors were honorable alumni of the alma mater and practicing speech therapists. In particular, Reneva K.V. – “Application of mnemotechnics in speech therapy work with older preschoolers”, Belan O.I. – “Logopedic diagnostics in the conditions of psychological and pedagogical support service of educational school”, Andrusenko Y.V. – “Non-traditional methods in the work of speech therapist as a means of correction and developmental work with preschool children”, Balaeva A. O. – “Use of neurodevelopmental techniques in speech therapy”. O. – “The use of neuropsychological correction techniques in work with children with severe speech disorders”, I.V. Kurochkina – “The system of automation of sounds by modules with neurostimulation techniques”, E.P. Zueva – “Methods of creating game motivation in children with speech disorders at speech therapy classes”. In addition, Silina S. V. – “effective modern technologies in the work of teachers-speech therapy with children from OV”, Nagashybayeva A. A. and Mukataeva B. K. – “types of breathing exercises and the importance of rhythmic circles in the development of speech in preschool children”, Kystaubayeva N. zh.and Orynbasarova Sh. O. – “ways of Communication Speech Development”, Kurmanbaeva G. S. I keshubaeva M. A. – “correction of General speech disorders of Preschool Children In Need of special knowledge through “Su Jok therapy”, Akhmetova G. S. and kazhibekova a.m. – “Methods and practices for the development of children with them in the boarding school “AK niet” UO vko”, as well as Uadinova zh.K. and Beibitovna P.-“development of cognitive processes of preschool children using kuisener sticks”.
At the end of the large-scale event, all speakers were presented with certificates.