29 November 2023


Much attention is paid to the educational process at the university. In this regard, the teaching staff regularly organizes relevant events. Thus, on the occasion of Labor Day, a curatorial hour “The ruler of the world is labor” was held with students of the educational program “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education”. The main goal was to inculcate honest labor and promote vocational education. The rich program of the curatorial hour consisted of games, discussions, dialogues and watching videos on the topic.

It should be noted that this is not the only curatorial hour dedicated to Labor Day. Thus, students of the specialties “Preschool Education and Training” and “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education” became participants of the round table entitled “Work is the ideal of the country”.

Later, students of specialties “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education” and “Preschool Education and Upbringing” congratulated teachers on Teacher’s Day by organizing a festive concert.

In addition, as part of the educational process, graduate students appreciated the performance “Atimdy Adam kyoigan sony”.

According to the teachers of the Department of “Pedagogical Education and Management”, the performance left a variety of impressions on the audience.

The anti-corruption policy of the alma mater is one of the most extensive and active. Teachers of the Graduate School of Pedagogy held a lesson aimed at anti-corruption education.