30 November 2023


The intellectual game “Chemistry Leader”, which consisted of three stages, was held at the University. In particular, “Zhyirik bolsanң, shauyp kөr” – theoretical part, “Oily bolsanң, ozyp kөr” – special part, “Zerek bolsanң, sheship kөr” – video questions. During the contest 10 participants tested their strength in a quiz prepared by the faculty of the Department of Chemistry.

The winner of the game was the student of Chemistry Department Dilnaz Kairbek, who distinguished herself by her dexterity and cleverness. The girl won a gold cup and a diploma. The participants were given certificates and memorable gifts.

According to the teachers of the Department of Chemistry, students of OP “Chemical Forensics”, “Chemistry-Biology”, “Chemistry and Nanomaterials” actively participated in the organization. Young enthusiasts provided the event with technical equipment and became sponsors of the annual competition.

It should be noted that the teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry regularly organizes educational events. Thus, on the occasion of Labor Day, a round table and open curatorial hour “Meninң eңbegim – meninң jetistigim” were held with students of all educational programs of the department. The aim was to promote vocational education. The program of events included games, discussions and theatrical performances.

In October, students congratulated the teachers of the Chemistry Department on Teacher’s Day by organizing a festive concert and awarding each staff member with a certificate and a unique nomination.

The image event “Chemical Kaleidoscope” was also held this academic semester. In the course of preparation for the large-scale competition, students of all specialties of the department took an active part.