30 November 2023


In the National Science Laboratory of the S. Amanzholov National University, gifted schoolchildren have a unique opportunity to engage in research activities.
One of such young scientists is Nina Zhuravleva. Thanks to close cooperation between the university and schools in the region, the third-grade student of the Valeological specialized school-complex is developing a biofertilizer for potato cultivation. The main goal is to reduce the pesticide load on the plant.

– My research project is about the use of the blue-green algae Spirulina platensis as a biofertilizer. I grow Spirulina at home, using nine salts of macroelements and ten salts of microelements, – said Nina Zhuravleva.

It should be noted that under the guidance of EKU researcher Valentina Nikolaeva on the basis of phenological observations was established a positive reaction of potato plants to fine irrigation and root irrigation with the use of microalgae Spirulina platensis as a fertilizer. As a result of the experiment, the studied samples were distinguished by higher yield quality.