6 December 2023


The exhibition of projects was held in EKU, in which the students of the educational program “Technology of manufacturing industries” took part. The total number of participants amounted to 50 students. A total of 12 projects were heard by the members of the commission. The head of the presented works was a senor-lecturer of the Department of Physics and Technology Kalibek J. S..

It should be noted that the design of objects of food production is a labor-intensive process that involves a number of social-organizational and engineering-technical stages. The future specialist needs to understand well the issues of economic and technical design, organization of technological lines and the theory of food production.

Taking into account the relevance, value, technical calculations and schematic plans, the members of the commission awarded the first place to students Turdybay Buldirshin, Agzambekova Akmaral, Sadyk Aydin and Sapah Marzhan. Their project is devoted to processing of vitamin rosehip fruits into food production.

The second place was won by Sanakbayeva Sezim, whose work is called “Shop for making koumiss and saumal”. The third place went to the project of wine shop with processing of one ton of raw materials per day. Its authors: Kusmanova Dilnaz, Kaliakparova Nurym, Kudaybakova Zhanaru, Pernekhankyzy Gulimai.