11 December 2023


Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek held a meeting with students of the region and gave a lecture as part of his working trip to the East Kazakhstan region.

The meeting was held at Amanzholov University in TEDx format and gathered about 500 students. This format is recognized as a modern tool for the exchange of ideas and an inexhaustible source of motivation.

During the meeting, the minister told young people about the main priorities in science, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the educational process and professions of the future.

According to Sayasat Nurbek, ensuring the inflow of new young scientists in science in Kazakhstan affects all areas: agriculture, mining, metallurgy, engineering, energy and ecology. University science plays an important role in replenishing the national scientific base with new developments and young personnel. Its development is one of the Ministry’s priority tasks.

-We put great emphasis on university science. Now you, students, can become discoverers of various valuable ideas and projects that contribute to the development of the country. Now we are working to raise the status of scientists, their salaries have been doubled. Also 881 grants to young scientists and post-doctoral students have been allocated. Doing science is prestigious and it will be in the trend every year,” the Minister emphasized.

The head of the ministry noted that today the state has created all the conditions for the realization of scientific projects and urged students to be active in scientific research. There are such projects as “500 ғalym”, within the framework of which the participants have a unique opportunity to undergo an internship in the leading scientific centers of the world.

The event was held in an interactive format, where the youth of the region asked the Minister about the secrets of an active approach to life.

Also Zhiger Sarsenbayev, a student of the Higher School of Business and Law at VCU, asked an interesting question: “In your opinion, what is the portrait of modern Kazakhstani youth. How would you characterize it?”

The Minister advised young people to be versatile, to search for themselves, to constantly study, to develop skills that help them to be competitive specialists.

According to S. Nurbek, in the current realities it is necessary to improve oneself on a regular basis – to read quality literature, to study artificial intelligence and to know more than three languages.

“Originality is becoming the new norm and flexibility of thinking is a key skill. Nowadays, today’s youth prioritize self-development. I recommend you to develop in all directions: participate in various scientific projects, numerous academic mobility programs, study languages and follow current trends. It is in the versatile development of personality that the strength of the future generation lies,” S. Nurbek replied.

At the end of the meeting Sayasat Nurbek signed the ball of famous volleyball players of the region with the wish of “big victories”, and the students also made a memorable photo and trending videos for social networks.