12 December 2023


In honor of Sarsen Amanzholov’s 120th birthday, a large-scale celebration was held at his alma mater. The event began with a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of Kazakh Turkicologist and linguist, during which the son of Sarsen Amanzholov, associate professor of Kazakh National Technical University, author of scientific articles – Ural Amanzholov made a speech about his father.

– Our father faithfully served his nation, loved it fervently. His works are an invaluable contribution to the study of culture and science of the Kazakh people. He was the first scientist who suggested compiling an atlas of dialectology of the Kazakh language. And this is only a small part of his countless works, – said Ural Amanzholov.

Recall, the sculptural bronze figure of the monument was designed by famous Kazakh architects E. Sergebayev and B. Amanzholov. Sergebaev and B. Abishev. The monument was opened on January 23, 2007.

Within the framework of celebration of the 120th anniversary of the linguist on the basis of the educational building №5 the photo exhibition “Life and creative activity of Sarsen Amanzholov” and scientific exhibition “Sarsen Amanzholov – tulga, ғalym, ұлағатты ұstaz” took place. Thus, the scientists of the university presented to the guests the projects realized in the Research Center “Surface Engineering and Tribology” and “National Scientific Laboratory of Collective Use”. Among them are technologies for obtaining wear-resistant materials for machine-building products, composite coatings for improving the operational properties of industrial equipment, adaptive nanocomposite coatings for extreme tribological applications, and others.