14 December 2023

There are people about whom it is unthinkable to speak using a past tense context because their lives are art, eternal and timeless

There are people about whom it is unthinkable to speak using the context of the past tense, because their lives are art, eternal and timeless. People are bright and positive, bringing a touch of kindness and happiness to the world.

Svetlana Chirtzova was just such a person, whose life is an example of selfless service to her alma mater.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna graduated from the East Kazakhstan University on specialty “Russian language and literature” in 1991, and this year laid the beginning of her pedagogical career. Svetlana Alexandrovna has 32 years of labor experience in the Russian language department.

She specialized in teaching Russian speech to foreign students who came to East Kazakhstan from the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, South Korea and other countries.

The talent of the teacher not only turned the serious work of learning a non-native language by students into a fascinating occupation, but also opened before them the great culture of the Russian people, allowed them to successfully adopt its spiritual experience and traditions. Erudition and openness allowed Svetlana Alexandrovna to “settle in” in any audience, and natural modesty and simplicity in communication made you feel that in front of you is not just an interesting interlocutor, but a fine standard of humanity and insight.

Charisma inherited from her parents, brightness of musical talent made Svetlana Alexandrovna an irreplaceable person in the team of students and colleagues.

On December 12, 2023, this bright heart stopped beating, but for us it will remain an example of caring and mentoring, lively participation in the fate of the philological brotherhood, asceticism and loyalty to her work.

Blessed memory!