20 December 2023


In S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University signed a memorandum with the Chinese company HAIER HAITECH on cooperation and development of projects in the field of artificial intelligence. HAIER HAITECH presented the implementation of new projects: Smart library, smart classrooms, safe campus within the R&D center on the basis of the university.
Haier Haitech is interested in cooperation with the university in the development of artificial intelligence and IT-solutions in the field of education, including the development of a smart classroom, scoring, distance learning, smart library, safe campus and, of course, solutions in the field of cloud education platforms in the renewed campus network.
During the meeting the opening of innovative educational programs on the basis of the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences was discussed: bachelor’s degree – “Intelligent Systems and Technologies”, which prepares specialists in the field of artificial intelligence with qualification – technologist of artificial intelligence. As well as the development of interdisciplinary educational program of Master’s degree “Applied Ethics in Digital Communication and Artificial Intelligence”. This educational program provides training of unique specialists, on the one hand knowing modern trends of applied ethics in interdisciplinary research, and on the other hand knowing the technologies of artificial intelligence.
In addition, the memorandum includes scientific internships for students and faculty at Chinese universities, joint research projects and implementation of their results in the region’s enterprises. On the basis of the R&D center it is planned to train personnel within the framework of dual education, advanced training of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and acquisition of additional microqualifications by students.
Also, the university, in order to ensure quality training of personnel, envisages cooperation with the well-known Cisco and Huawei Network Academies.