26 December 2023


Eco-polyethylene, intelligent farming, innovative water filtration – this is only a small part of scientific projects of young scientists of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University. Today students of Amanzholov University are active, educated and ambitious young people with innovative thinking, who successfully realize author’s scientific projects and create startups that have a positive impact on society and economy of the country.

During the last years the University has been improving the established scientific research in accordance with the priority directions of fundamental and applied research of the Republic of Kazakhstan, updating the resources of research work, participating in competitions for grant funding of scientific projects and programs of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From 2018 to 2023 within the framework of the state order under the budget programs of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan scientists and faculty members of the university carried out – 89 projects, in 2023 are carried out – 23 projects. The volume of research work performed by staff and faculty of the university 3 billion tenge, in 2023 amounted to – 590,273,516.5 tenge, which is 200% more compared to 2018. From 2018 to 2023 were carried out contractual projects by order of private organizations and enterprises of the republic and East Kazakhstan region – 45, for a total amount of – 162 264 700 tenge.

Recently, young innovators of the university presented their scientific works to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek. One of them is Tlek Kuanyshbekov, he presented the project “Production of composite filtering materials for purification of water objects”, aimed at solving the urgent world problem – low quality of fresh water. Within the framework of the project it is planned to set up production of filtering composite sorbents based on biopolymers, ceramic materials, carbon materials modified with graphite oxide with assembly into cartridges, as well as manufacturing of enclosures on the basis of the university. The final product of scientific works can be adapted in large enterprises and residential buildings

Today, within the walls of the university scientist Almasbek Maulit is working on a portal, which is a digital analog of an agronomist with 30 years of experience. The scientists’ development involves a smart drone with a multispectral camera, which helps to predict the timing of sowing, yield and the necessary amount of fertilizer. At the same time, the university team decided to use artificial intelligence to fight weeds. During remote shooting, the camera recognizes different types of plants, including weeds. Later, when reading photos from other fields, the program will automatically indicate whether there are weeds and where they are located.

On the basis of the National Scientific Laboratory, young and promising scientist Nariman Kayyrbekov is working on “Development of biodegradable materials based on natural polymers”. In simple words, the guy is solving the worldwide problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic bags. They are not biodegradable for many centuries, thereby creating sustainable pollution. Realizing the relevance and urgency of the problem, Nariman Kayyrbekov thought about its solution even in his school years. Now the scientist is at the stage of detailed study of the topic and experimental research. He creates a biomaterial based on starch or cellulose. After use, it is enough to dissolve them in water for decomposition. His dream is a biodegradable product produced in Kazakhstan.

According to the priority direction “Ecology, environment and rational use of natural resources” the university is implementing the Project “Development and research of innovative technologies, materials and devices for production, storage of hydrogen and generation of electricity”. According to the main task of the project, the National Nuclear Center conducts research aimed at solving problems in the field of production, storage and transportation of hydrogen element, and the university is engaged in the development of membrane electrode unit for electricity generation by utilization of the obtained hydrogen element. As a result, the overall development of a chain of environmentally friendly technologies providing access to green energy will be realized.

The university has a Research Center for Surface Engineering and Tribology, which is equipped with scientific analytical and technological equipment. Here young scientists participate in the development of innovative technologies in the field of materials science, mechanical engineering, metalworking. On the basis of various resource-saving technologies the scientists of the center offer technologies for the branches of national economy, such as mechanical engineering and agro-industrial complex. Young minds work on applying protective coatings on various products, thus increasing the wear resistance of mechanical engineering products and protecting the metal from corrosion.

Due to their scientific projects, the scientists of EKU introduce inclusion in the educational environment of schools, kindergartens, correctional institutions and create support for families with children with OOP. The commercialized project “Competence Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Training and Methodological and Technological Support of Children with Special Educational Needs” includes the development of author’s methodological aids, constructors, a professional desk of a psychologist-defectologist, a verticalizer, desks with locomotor disorders and technical means for rehabilitation and development of children with special educational needs.

On the basis of the university there are scientific laboratories of various profiles, research centers and Start UP Academy. On the platform of the latter 30 projects of students, undergraduates, doctoral students in the field of education, tourism, economics, beekeeping, IT-technologies and chemistry are realized, which are almost ready to be implemented on the basis of the enterprises of the region.

Today the East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov is the center of the region. S. Amanzholov is a scientific center where fundamental and applied science is developing. Here young minds create new discoveries and innovations, showing freedom of thought and creativity. Realizing promising scientific projects, thus they make a real contribution to the social and economic development of the region and the country