3 January 2024


Today students, masters and doctoral students of Amanzholov University realize more than 30 startup projects. Among them is the successfully realized work “Eco-national products in modern interpretation”, authored by master’s student Aizhan Umbetova.

The master sews soft developmental products depicting multiplication tables, clocks, alphabet and geographical maps using patchwork technique. The girl uses Turkish velour and two fillers – acoustic foam and balloon chollofiber.

In addition, Aizhan makes national products in a modern interpretation: headdresses, bedspreads and pillows. According to her, at the beginning of the process she studies in detail the meaning and history of the origin of ornaments.

It should be noted that eco-national products have become popular and are in high demand not only in Kazakhstan. The girl actively receives orders from Germany and Turkey.

Aizhan Umbetova keeps an author’s blog on YouTube for those who are particularly interested in patchwork techniques.