12 January 2024


The seminar “Adaptive learning technologies in the context of the concept of active learning” was held at EKU, organized by the staff of the department for organization of educational and methodological work.

The participants had a unique opportunity to join the project “Modernization of Pedagogical Education”, conducted on the basis of the university together with the Committee of Higher and Postgraduate Education. Recall, the project is designed for specialists of pedagogical profile in order to scale innovative educational programs.

During the seminar the university professors, Dr. Irina Matskevich and Svitlana Stelmakh presented adaptive teaching methods. In particular, the students studied Google applications (Classroom, GoogleDoc), created “clouds” of words and associations, delved into conceptual and theoretical “gardens” (answergarden), developed tasks for students.

According to the speakers, today there are enough ways and methods to adapt the learning process to any educational needs of students.

The participants of the seminar expressed their gratitude to the organizers and speakers for the informative and useful information.