26 January 2024


Professional development courses on modernization of teacher education with the participation of experts from the Finnish University HAMK (University of Applied Sciences of South-Eastern Finland) and Nazarbayev University: Innovations in syllabuses that meet modern requirements have been completed.

The project is realized under the guidance of key experts from Finnish universities HAMK, JAMK, with the participation of experts from Nazarbayev University. Pedagogical developers from 17 higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan participate in the project realization. The main goal of the project is to develop 30 new educational programs of bachelor’s and master’s degree.

From January 5 to 26, 2024 within the framework of the World Bank project “Modernization of Secondary Education” in East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov held a series of online seminars on scaling pedagogical educational programs.

On January 26 of this year on the basis of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University, National trainers Svetlana Stelmakh and Irina Matskevich conducted training for more than sixty teachers of East Kazakhstan University and 18 teachers of Kazakhstan-American Free University.

They noted that an important component of success was the participation of experts from HAMK Helsinki University and Nazarbayev University. These leading educational experts brought their valuable input, enriching the learning process with a variety of research, best practices, and global experience.

– Our teachers have mastered the material covering the latest trends and innovations in pedagogy,” emphasized Svetlana Stelmakh. – This ensured a high standard of education that meets global requirements.

The organizers of the event expressed gratitude to all participants, including teachers and experts from HAMK and Nazarbayev University, assuring that these efforts will lead to long-term improvement of the educational process in our educational institutions.