29 January 2024


In S. Amanzholov EKU talented students successfully develop social projects.

Among them we can note Start Up project called Teddy Au (Teddy Bear) of the 1st year student of the specialty Information Systems Aiganym Erbolat.

As explained by the budding scientist, it is a robotics kit for children with special needs, designed for early programming. The Teddy Au project will not only provide educational opportunities, but also stimulate the development of social skills and contribute to their successful integration into society in the long term.

– My idea for Teddy Au is based on the belief that access to robotics can be a vehicle for better social interaction and unlocking the potential of every child,” shared Aiganym Erbolat. – The choice of audience is driven by the desire for inclusion and creating an inclusive environment where every child can find their place, overcome stereotypes and unlock their potential in a world of advanced technology.

The robot is a bear figure with bluetooth function and wheels. There is an instruction manual with pictures for the teacher, parent and child. It clearly indicates the blocks of commands: forward, backward, right, left and music with dancing. It is the music that will help in the control. During the work, the child and the parent will have access to the interface and control of this bot.

In the future, the Teddy Au project can provide children with disabilities not only educational benefits, but also help them develop skills.

Aiganim is confident Teddy Au will become a guiding star for children with disabilities by providing innovative learning methods based on interaction with robotics. In the future, the project can play a key role in shaping a new generation with not only knowledge in robotics, but also the ability to cooperate, tolerance and understanding.