31 January 2024


Within the framework of the cycle of methodological seminars, another training seminar was held on the topic “Working on the achievement of learning objectives through active learning and formative assessment”.

The work began with an introductory speech by Zenura Khamitova, head of the LSMSD, who emphasized that such seminars allow teachers to share creative ideas from their personal teaching practice.

The speakers were R.S. Cheketayeva, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and SGD, and S.J. Tashkenbayeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physics and Technology.

During the seminar participants discussed group projects, feedback from students, discussions, practical exercises, methods of motivating students to a deep understanding of the material and the development of skills for independent work. Special attention was paid to formative assessment in the learning process, as well as its integration.

According to the trainees, they were also explained in detail how to adapt the learning process to the individual needs of students to effectively achieve educational goals.