1 February 2024


In the city of Pavlodar completed 3 round 32 Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan volleyball among women’s teams of masters of the National League. At this tournament is a successful team “BEREL” from the East Kazakhstan Region, for which play two students S. Amanzholov EKU. They are the tie-breaker Rayanna Dyusenbaeva and central blocker Saniya Balagazinova. Their volleyball team is now in the second place in the tournament grid.

As our students said, the volleyball club “BEREL” was founded in 2023. The team was named in honor of the Berel River (a tributary of the Bukhtarma River), which flows in our region. Before that they played in volleyball club “Altai” (Ust-Kamenogorsk).

– It is quite difficult to combine professional sport and study, – Saniya Balagazinova admits. – But we try to pull up our debts after each trip. We also ask for additional assignments. Now we just have a window before the next round. This free time from trainings and competitions we plan to devote to studies.

According to Rayanna Dyusenbaeva, they spend the first season with a new team.

– I think we are having a good 2023/2024 season, but we still need to try harder,” she said. – The next tour will be in Petropavlovsk. It will begin in late February this year. Our main rivals are – the first four: Kuanysh, Turan, Zhetysu and Almaty.

The girls are studying at the OP “Physical Education and Sports”. Saniya is on the fourth year, Rayanna on the third. After graduation they plan to become qualified specialists in the field of sport.