2 February 2024


The university awarded certificates to more than 30 students who successfully completed the non-formal education course “Artificial Intelligence: from basics to application”. Among them are students of educational programs: “Foreign Language”, “Biology”, “Mathematics-Physics”, “Physics-Informatics”, “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education”, “Informatics” and “Chemistry-Biology”.

In a solemn atmosphere, the students were presented certificates by the chairman of the Board of Directors Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov and the rector of EKU Mukhtar Tolegen.

-It is pleasant that today’s students strive for knowledge and actively master one of the most relevant and promising areas of modern science, – said the first head of the alma mater.

As a result of training, new competencies have been formed in the students of the courses. For example, mastery of methods and techniques of machine learning, development and realization of machine learning models, understanding of ethical and social problems related to the application of AI.

According to Mukhtar Tolegen, the students received not just a certificate, but a tool that will help them successfully cope with possible challenges of the future.