5 February 2024


Students of the Department of Chemistry of S. Amanzholov VCU undergo practical training at the school-lyceum No. 3 named after Shokan Ualikhanov.

According to the supervisors of students, they demonstrate quality theoretical knowledge, conduct open classes and replenish the base of practical skills. Thus, Nazerke Zhumagazy conducted an open lesson on “Sulfuric acid and its salts”.

– More than two weeks have passed since the beginning of practice. Here I have already acquired new hard and soft skills. For example, I learned how to interact competently with the team. I am grateful to the university and school administration for the opportunity to feel like a real specialist,” Nazerke said.

– We have eight students from your university practicing at our school. All of them are very inquisitive,” said chemistry teacher Aizhan Nurgendirova.

It should be noted that at the school-lyceum the students have practical training in several specialties at once.