5 February 2024


During the second semester, the students of graduating courses of EKU actively undergo practical training at the bases corresponding to the educational programs.

For example, about 10 students of EP “Forest resources, hunting and beekeeping” get practical skills in the peasant farm “Paseka”, which is engaged in the production of bee products and carries out retail and wholesale sales through company stores.
The trainees study the main profiles and products of the farm. In particular, the production of wax and uletara, honeycomb, bee packs, veterinary medicines, vitamins and stimulants.

-In the winter season, students are involved in bottling and packaging honey every day with the help of special machines. We have all the necessary equipment. A lot of our work is automated. Thanks to our equipment, the guys learn to communicate with technology on “you”, – says employee of the farm “Paseka” Raisa Kasymbaeva.

-Since the beginning of our internship, I and my classmates have studied a lot of new literature here. For example, “Dictionary of beekeeping terms”, “Honey-bearing plants of Kazakhstan”, “Honey-bearing plants of Kazakhstan” and others. Besides, we deepened our knowledge about agriculture and agrarian sector. The internship is very interesting,” said student Ainur Nesipbayeva.

Industrial practice comes between January and April. Upon its completion, students have the opportunity to be officially employed. Let us remind you that the employment rate of graduates of WKU is 98%.