7 February 2024


During the regular meeting of the academic council, 12 key issues were discussed, including new educational programs as part of the university’s Development Program for 2024-2029, staff training at the Higher School of Pedagogy, winter exam session results, Catalog of elective disciplines for educational programs, staff qualification enhancement plan, implementation of dual degree programs, student involvement in research activities, execution of previous council decisions, passing of state mandatory exams, career guidance work, alumni employment, and approval of the additional educational program “Addressing Global Challenges”.

Reports were heard from responsible staff members on these matters aimed at improving the educational process and scientific activities.

Additionally, the university’s rector, Muhtar Tolegen, congratulated the head of the biology department, Almash Kitapbayeva, on her birthday and awarded the director of the Department of Innovation Development and Commercialization, Bauyrzhan Rakhadilov, with the “Abai” medal.

In conclusion, the alma mater’s first leader noted the positive work of the collective.