9 February 2024


How to find and offer an alternative way to resolve conflicts without court for individuals and legal entities? Of course, with the help of mediation. Today students of East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov not just in theory, but already in practice help the parties to find a solution during the discussion of their conflict and carry out the mediation procedure on a professional basis in accordance with the requirements of the Law.

Every year the “National Chamber of Mediators of East Kazakhstan Oblast” opens its doors to students. They independently organize the negotiation process, hear each party, investigate the situation through questions rather than beliefs. Also students control the mediation process and help the parties to find an alternative solution to the conflict.
Marianna Dyachuk, Chairperson of the “National Chamber of Mediators of East Kazakhstan Oblast”, helps students to master the profession of mediator in practice. She explains the rights and duties of a mediator to the students as part of their practice.

– Today students got a unique opportunity on our base. Now they are studying materials of civil law. They also have the opportunity to gain new knowledge in drafting contracts and agreements. Given that the mediation procedure is confidential, our students take an oath in practice. The decision itself is also the secret of the transaction, – said experienced mediator Marianna Dyachuk.

According to Alisher Zhapsarbayev, a fourth-year student of the “Jurisprudence” educational program, they review cases from court practice, draft contracts and meet with the parties to court proceedings.

– As a result of this practice, I will consolidate theoretical knowledge and become a qualified employee,” he assured.

It should be noted that the active use of mediation by both citizens and legal entities significantly reduces the burden on the judicial system. Thus, the quality of solving the largest cases increases. According to international statistics, 30-40% of all disputes are mediated. Positive results were achieved in 85% of them.