19 February 2024

Conducting the methodological decade of the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences

The methodical decade begins at the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences from February 26 to March 11, 2024.

Within the framework of the decade, about 30 events are planned: open classes, round tables (professional, ideological, educational), contests, quizzes, intellectual contests, scientific, methodological and educational seminars, career guidance events, Workshops, etc.

The purpose of the methodological decade is to increase the professional competence of the teaching staff, the use of advanced pedagogical experience to improve the quality of education at the university.

The main tasks of the methodological decade:

  1. presentation of relevant pedagogical experience and its dissemination among young teachers in order to improve teaching methods; exchange of advanced professional experience.
  2. the search for innovative methods of teaching and upbringing, their use in the educational process;
  3. Strengthening the interaction between teachers and students in the framework of student-oriented learning.