22 February 2024


For active public activity, 20 students of the S. Amanzholov Higher School of Economics were accepted into the ranks of the party “Amanat”. They will represent the youth wing of the party “Zhastar rukhy”.

The new members of the party, the rector of the university Mukhtar Tolegen in a solemn atmosphere handed over badges and party tickets, congratulating them on their worthy choice.

– It is very important that young people are involved in public and political life, – emphasized Mukhtar Tolegen. – Youth is always and everywhere an important strategic resource of our country. Therefore, we, the older generation, should support them in every possible way.

Now these students in the ranks of the party “Amanat” are ready to act and work for the prosperity of our region and the country as a whole.

As the 3rd year student Dinmuhammed Serikbai noted, today they became full representatives of the party with the support of the head of the university.

– Now we have a great responsibility, we will work harder, we will try to justify the trust placed in us, – assured the young party members.

Representatives of the youth wing of “Zhastar Rukhy” will carry out environmental, patriotic, cultural, mass, charitable activities and other youth initiatives.